The space we inhabit is a living body.-This space contains hybrid elements of different contexts, experiences, times and dimensions- We are part of the space, we interact with space and through interaction, we recreate this space and space recreate us

“Casagrafias” (this is the name of my research) is an exploratory journey in search of a definition of “choreography” close to me. After going through many houses, workshops, sounds, smells, flavors, hugs, that my words can not name because they are ephemeral, invisible and fleeting ideas, I have reached the conclusion that makes a dynamic definition necessary, one that moves and changes from house to house, negotiating between bodies. From day to day and word of mouth. For example … I found the definition of the kitchen as “center” in my mother’s house, where everything revolves around this nurturing space. Although the kitchen is not architecturally the center of the house, it seems to be located in the center of the universe where elements of many worlds coexist.  Necessitates movements, steps, a choreography co-created with tastes, foods, always in negotiation with people events and actions.