Atic Heredia

Choreography made by constellations of stories from people in the Audience. in this piece, I knew who was coming to participate as audience and I create a personalized choreography out of personal testimonies and memories from the audience.  from small scenes make by small objects to movement


SURGER .1 a staged piece where one performer follow the motion instructions that other person (choreographer) is giving by remote Play Station control. the remote control is activating four motors in one frock and sending sound instructions to the performer. 1. Through four different buttons choreographer sends to the performer different bangs that are activating … Continue reading SUGER .1


The original zanfona instrument resembles a mechanical violin in which several strings vibrate by the friction of a rosined wheel, seated in the soundboard of the instrument, which is rotated manually using a crank. For this system, the artist Jos Volkers changed some of the formal aspects of the instrument. He built seven hurdy-gurdies the … Continue reading Zanfona


“Membrar" interactive spaces where the spectator can reconstruct body images through his / her own movement. The project can be understood in two different ways. On one hand, it can be related to choreography. This way, the changing images motivate the spectator to move throughout the installations, turning him/her in an unconscious and unusual way … Continue reading MEMBRAR


Conceptual Project Description “Membrana” is mostly known as a thick material that separates two different environments. In this project, a membrana appears as a boundary between the quotidian and extra quotidian life. It separates daily life to scene performance, Dancers from Players, it sets two “worlds” with different rules.  Once the membrana is crossed, the … Continue reading MEMBRANA